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Toowoomba-based and online career support service for high school students and adults of all ages.

If you are happy to book and pay for my services online - I work out of Magnolia House Psychology and Therapies Centre on a Saturday and take online appointments on Wednesdays and Fridays. Follow the links below.

If you wish to meet me outside of these times (other days, evenings), or you prefer to pay me directly rather than online, or you want to discuss meeting me at a custom location such as a boarding house, shoot me an email or use the free call-back service and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Appointments can be one-off to assist with a particular concern or to help with an application for further study or work. They can also be over an extended period, say yearly or half-yearly, as an opportunity to discuss your ideas, get guidance with your choices and build your career capacity. 

Career Counsellor and Coach


Stacy is a professionally registered career development practitioner and teacher, based in Toowoomba, Queensland.


From 2006 to 2021, she has worked exclusively as a career educator and career counsellor at Toowoomba Grammar School in the role of Head of Careers and VET. She has also assisted students from many local schools prepare for UCAT and entry into medical programs; and she has worked privately with young adults seeking career guidance. In March 2021, she stepped out of the school environment after nearly 40 years and has now established her private career consultancy. She also sub-contracts to Career Avenues and has a casual teaching position at James Cook University. This semester, she is teaching ED5853 Careers and Leisure in Guidance and Counselling to the Master of Guidance and Counselling students. 

Having grown up in western Queensland and attended boarding school herself as a child, Stacy has a particular interest in working with rural and international boarding students.  She is also adept at pathway planning and the application processes for more competitive university programs such as medicine. 

Stacy has developed her career counselling skills and career knowledge over many years of dedicated practice. While working with high school students and young adults is certainly her area of expertise, she is fascinated with career development and transition throughout the entire lifespan and welcomes clients from all ages. As an active member of several career networks, and with strong relationships within the tertiary education sector and business community, she maintains currency in a complex and rapidly changing world. 

How Stacy can help you?

For clients seeking Career Counselling and Coaching, Stacy will assist you to: 
  • Clearly define your purpose

  • Explore your underlying values and barriers in a safe way that validates

  • Unpack and reframe your thoughts about yourself and what you want to achieve in your future

  • Brainstorm possibilities that you may not have thought of before

  • Guide you towards an understanding of choice in the context of success criteria and 'fit'

  • Move forward with intent 

  • Finish each session with an achievable action plan

In her practice, for all clients, Stacy will 
  • Promote feelings of competence and self-worth

  • Respect that you are the expert in your own life

  • Apply her knowledge and understanding of career development theories in ways that are practical and creative 

Stacy’s Affiliations and Qualifications
  • Professional Member of Career Development Association of Australia (CDAA) since 2007

  • Registered teacher with Queensland College of Teachers (QCT) since 1999 (before that in Western Australia)

  • QLD Blue Card Exemption

  • Master of Career Development

  • Graduate Diploma of Teaching

  • Bachelor of Applied Science

  • Certificate IV in Training and Assessment 



Sandy Beach

Career Counselling and Coaching

Face-to-Face on Saturdays 

Magnolia House
Psychology and Therapies Centre
66 Lindsay Street
Toowoomba, Qld 4350

Career Counselling and Coaching

via Zoom

For individuals considering career and study options post school, tertiary students considering first job options and anyone seeking a career change. 

A perfect option for QLD boarding families 

Free Call Back

Request a free 10- minute phone call if you wish to discuss your individual needs or to request an alternate time or venue for your appointment. 

Alternatively, email me and I will call you back

Career Profiling with Career Avenues

For individuals wanting to undergo career profiling prior to their counselling session.

Includes Differential Reasoning Skills, Career Interest Profile, Personality  Profile, Work Values


Support Groups


I am a teenage single mother. Stacy helped me to apply for and get into university even though I believed I wouldn’t be able to go to university. Her help was very practical but also insightful, non-judgemental and she got me to build my confidence by doing everything myself like calling the university. She also helped me build a vision about what I wanted my life to look like and said that having a vision is like having a signpost to the future. I would recommend Stacy to anyone needing help with their career choices and how to apply.


Mr. John Anderson, Deputy Headmaster, Toowoomba Grammar School.

Stacy has been a passionate driver and supporter of Career education for our boys since 2006.  She is well known in the region for leading career development and strategies to assist students.  For our school, Stacy has always gone to great lengths to support our boys and their parents when considering the various pathways for boys beyond school.  Stacy has led the careers department to develop great opportunities and connections for boys when it comes to Work Experience, TAFE and School Based Apprenticeships, while supporting boys in their preparation and applications towards colleges and universities.  Stacy has especially supported boys in the rigorous preparations for medical degrees.  
Her time and passion devoted to developing the careers of boys over the years has been truly valued.

Doctor and Patient


In short, Stacy Nottle is an exceptional careers counsellor. I was first introduced to Stacy back in high school to help me figure out what career path I was interested in after school, and to this day (now 7 years out of high school), Stacy is still my go to for all career related queries. She is very compassionate, kind and extremely knowledgeable in her field. If you have any uncertainty about any type of career path, including its requirements, opportunities and future prospects, or even if your plan A, B and C all don’t work out and you are not sure where to go, Stacy will either have the answer for you already or will spend her weekend researching your query to find a suitable path. I honestly cannot endorse her services enough, so I highly recommend doing yourself a favour and getting in contact with Stacy as soon as possible.

Outdoor Cafe
Therapy Session


I came to Stacy lost; with no idea what I wanted to do with my life following dropping out of studying physiotherapy at uni. Stacy provided me with the vital skills to discover myself and my personality, giving me the confidence to find what I’m suited to. I recommend Stacy to everyone.

Young Man in Therapy


Stacy has provided incredible career advice to my three sons during and after their high school years. Stacy is an extremely effective communicator who is patient and approachable.  With a comprehensive and current knowledge of tertiary courses/trades, Stacy has an outstanding ability to match a student’s personality, affinities, attributes and abilities to appropriate career options. I highly recommend Stacy to anyone attempting to navigate the complexities of today’s career options.

Man Hands On Keyboard


I chose Stacy as a supervisor/mentor for my professional development due to her extensive experience and diverse background, which are tremendous strengths and no doubt enable her unique client insights. Her support and belief in my abilities, as well as being happy to adapt our planned sessions to suit my needs on the day were a real gift, and created an environment in which there was a free exchange and testing of ideas that really helped me to progress.

I highly recommend Stacy to anyone looking for support with growing their career development practitioner knowledge base and skill set.