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Professional Supervision and Mentoring

Stacy offers career practitioners support with supervision and professional development. For some practitioners, supervision is necessary for their professional registration. Others choose her service because they are wanting mentoring. There are a range of options regarding the frequency, time, and content for each session. One client meets with her once every three months for two hours. Another (Erica, below), met with her approximately once a week for nine weeks. In each session, we can explore ways of applying the various career development theories to your practice, discuss any concerns and issues you may have with particular clients, role-play etc. This will be guided by your needs.
Cost: $120/hour (Discounts for multiple bookings. Please ask.)

Sample Text

 I chose Stacy as a supervisor/mentor for my professional development due to her extensive experience and diverse background, which are tremendous strengths and no doubt enable her unique client insights. Her support and belief in my abilities, as well as being happy to adapt our planned sessions to suit my needs on the day were a real gift and created an environment in which there was a free exchange and testing of ideas that really helped me to progress.
I highly recommend Stacy to anyone looking for support with growing their career development practitioner knowledge base and skill set.


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