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Career Counselling Online via Zoom

Appointment time is approximately 1 Hour

$140 | Online Session
Please email me and include you phone number. I will call you back to discuss your needs and answer any questions you may have about your online career counselling session. There is no charge for this phone call. If you decide to continue with an appointment, I will book you in at our mutually agreed time, then email you a Zoom link and an invoice which can be paid via bank transfer. Cost is $140 for one session and $360 for 3 sessions. 

We will work on a combination of the following dependent on your needs –
- Clearly define your purpose
- Decide on tertiary studies options and pathways,
- Prepare applications for study or work,
- Explore your underlying values and barriers in a safe way that validates,
- Unpack and reframe your thoughts about yourself and what you want to achieve in your future,
- Brainstorm possibilities that you may not have thought of before,
- Guide you towards an understanding of choice in the context of success criteria and 'fit',
- Move forward with intent,
- Finish each session with an achievable action plan.

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