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Hi there!

I am a Career Counsellor and Career Educator based in Toowoomba, Queensland. For the past eighteen years, I have had the great privilege of working with individuals and groups to help them make sense of who they are and what they want to do. I have listened in awe as they've told their stories and sometimes I've offered them new perspectives on old narratives. Sometimes I've helped them see patterns in the tapestry of their life that they haven't noticed before. From tears to laughter, my clients have shown me every emotion, because this work can be emotional. After all, this is about their life, their 'one wild and precious life' (Mary Oliver). 

Career counselling is for everyone - from school students to retirees. The term career includes all the experiences you have undertaken throughout your life. Outside of education, training and paid or unpaid work, it also includes your family and life roles, activities, volunteer work, community involvement and more. My youngest client is 13. She is learning how to make decisions and building her self efficacy. My oldest client is in his 90s. While he no longer participates in paid work, he is keen to continue to engage in meaningful activities and experiences.

In my practice, I seek to use relevant, evidence-based and impactful interventions appropriate to your needs and contexts. I strive to promote feelings of competence and self-worth, and I respect that you are the expert in your own life. 

An example of the work we may do together is to 

  • Clearly define your purpose

  • Explore your underlying values and barriers in a safe way that validates

  • Unpack and reframe your thoughts about yourself and what you want to achieve in

  • your future

  • Brainstorm possibilities that you may not have thought of before

  • Guide you towards an understanding of choice in the context of success criteria and 'fit'

  • Move forward with intent 

  • Finish each session with an achievable action plan

Wishing you the best of life and love


Stacy's Relevant Work History 

  • Private Career Counsellor online and at Magnolia House Psychology and Therapies Centre

  • Career Development Practitioner/ Career Educator at the University of Southern Queensland

  • Public speaker and workshop presenter for multiple organisations

  • Consultant for Career Avenues

  • Lecturer in Career Development to postgraduate students at James Cook University

  • Lecturer in Employability and Professional Skills to undergraduate students at the University of South Queensland

  • Career Counsellor for You've Got Mail Project for incarcerated women

  • Professional mentoring and supervision of other career development practitioners  

  • Head of Careers at Toowoomba Grammar School

Stacy’s Affiliations and Qualifications

  • Professional Member of Career Development Association of Australia (CDAA) since 2007

  • Registered teacher with Queensland College of Teachers (QCT) since 1999 (before that in Western Australia)

  • QLD Blue Card Exemption

  • Master of Career Development

  • Graduate Diploma of Teaching

  • Bachelor of Applied Science

  • Certificate IV in Training and Assessment 

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