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  • Stacy Nottle

Career Counselling is for Everyone

We all experience change—in the world around us and within ourselves. Sometimes, change hits us like a curve ball and knocks us off our feet. Sometimes, it sneaks up on us and we don’t even realise it’s happening until one day we wake up and realise we’re no longer content with our lives. Sometimes we feel as if the world is moving on without us and we are stuck. Sometimes, it’s hard to work out what is 'normal'. Any kind of change can cause us to question our place in the world. If you have such questions, you may benefit from the services of a Career Counsellor.

The term career includes all the experiences you have undertaken throughout your life. Outside of education, training and paid or unpaid work, it also includes your family and life roles, activities, volunteer work, community involvement and more. My oldest client is 92. While he no longer participates in paid work, he is keen to continue to engage in meaningful activities and experiences. My youngest client is 13. She is just beginning to explore and discover what might be possible for her in her life.

In career counselling, you will receive relevant, evidence-based, and impactful interventions according to your needs and contexts. In many cases, you will begin by identifying and clearly defining what you want your career and life to look like. It will be a check in with yourself—what are your influences, values, interests, skills, strengths, beliefs, personality, limitations, non-negotiables and how have they changed over time. We will work together to explore your options, including some ideas you may not have previously thought of. We will discuss what successful living means for you and I will help you come up with an achievable action plan. Whatever your situation, and whatever you decide to do for yourself, good luck, and I wish you the very best of life and love.

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