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Captivating storytelling that had me guessing all the way through. I couldn’t put the book down. Loved it!!'

(Jess M, Amazon)


 Stacy’s characters come to life as surely as if they were one’s next-door neighbours. After the Flood is a must-read debut novel, and Stacy’s readers will no doubt eagerly await her next literary effort. 

(Pauline Waugh, Goodreads)

Such a good and well-written story. I couldn't put it down. I love that it is set in southwest Qld and I know some of the areas where the action takes place.

(Lill, Booktopia)

After the Flood published by Black Phoenix Publishing Collective. (2019)  




I love to write. It's how I process observations and ideas; and deal with a crazy head full of ideas. For many years, I kept my words hidden from the world, but then, as often happens in life, a series of unexpected events tipped my world upside down and all my words started to drop out of my pockets where people could see them. So I gathered some up and published them. I hope you love my first book, After the Flood.

When the storm breaks at Moonbroch Station in Western Queensland, Jamie and Wilhelmina's lives are changed in ways more profound than they ever could have imagined.

After the Flood explores loyalty and the tensions and complexities of abiding relationships. A gripping portrayal of how we cope with trauma, After the Flood is as uplifting as it is thought-provoking. 

I really enjoyed this book. Intriguing story. Characters I loved and hated. Compelling insights into human nature and our motivations. And no loose ends at the finish! This is a book to swallow in one or two gulps. A great holiday read.

Rosemary Grundy


I LOVED this book. After the Flood had me hooked straight away because it's a real page-turner. There is mystery and intrigue and you want to know desperately what happens next. I loved that there were real and flawed human beings in this story. I could visualise the smell of the earth and the landscape. The book made me feel - heartache and heartbreak and hope. Just what I like in a book. 

I loved the characters, the excitement, and intrigue. The vivid landscapes and relationships entwined over time and place. I did not want the story to end. I felt part of the story, the travels, the smell of the shearing shed, and country. A great novel that stirred my senses, imagination, and memories. Congratulations Stacy Nottle.

Melissa Huestis


Annette Conroy




Interview with YA Author Tara East

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