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We're excited to announce that Stacy Nottle's Breastless has now been released. 

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About Stacy
Stacy grew up out west on a remote sheep station west of Cunnamulla, Queensland. ‘I was most fortunate,’ she says. ‘I got to get up close and personal with Mother Nature from an early age and revelled in her profundity and her whimsy. I also had parents who instilled in me a love for words, reading, big ideas and art.’ 
At age six, Stacy went away to boarding school in Cunnamulla, and later in Toowoomba, where she discovered the world of people and she began to pay attention to what they did and how they interacted. While she was learning about the ways of the world, a committee of voices began to form inside her head, and they started to advise her on what to do in order to fit in.  
She got on with the business of life—she studied science and education at university; got married to Rich-ard; had three children and lots of pets; travelled; lived in Toowoomba, Brisbane, north Queensland, Perth; worked as a shearers’ cook, waitress, scientific research assistant, high school teacher; more study; careers counsellor …   
Life got busy. Her early love of words, reading, big ideas and art was still there but the committee in her head told her to just ignore them. ‘You haven’t got time,’ they said. ‘Best do it our way, otherwise no-one will like you.’      
Then cancer! 
Her carefully constructed world turned upside down and the words, reading, big ideas and art she’d kept hidden for so long started to drop out of her pockets. Not even the committee could contain them any longer.   Her debut novel, After the Flood, was published in 2019 and her memoir, Breastless, is due for release in 2021.


Book and Coffee


After the Flood explores loyalty and the tensions and complexities of abiding relationships. A gripping portrayal of how we cope with trauma After the Flood is as uplifting as it is thought-provoking. 

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Book and Coffee


Stacy’s beautifully told story is sure to uplift and inspire you. Breastless might even challenge you to ask the same age-old questions she asked—Who am I? What do I want from

my life?

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