Dad's Gold - An Eulogy 

After the Flood is dedicated to my beautiful father, Donald Cooney, who passed away in March, 2019. At the start of the book, I have included an extract of my eulogy to him. At the funeral, my brothers did a wonderful job talking about Dad's life and his many achievements. What I wanted to do was speak about what he had meant to me personally. Who he was to me. And I wanted to speak from my heart. It wasn't easy.

What I didn't account for was the reaction I got. After the funeral, people I barely knew came up to me and began to share their own stories about how my father had had a profound effect on their life too. One man told me that my father had saved his life. An indigenous man told me how my father's friendship to his family had changed their lives for the better. An aunt told me that my father's thoughtfulness during her darkest hour was something she would never forget. The incredible power of these people's stories showed me what a difference one humble, gentle person can make in the world.